JL8 #172 by Yale Stewart

Based on characters in DC Comics. 

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2014 Con Schedule



Alright, so I managed to get this one done in time to go up today rather than Friday. The remainder of the amended con schedule (#173 on Tuesday, #174 on Friday, etc.) should stay the same.

ANYWAY. A friendly reminder that I’ll be attending C2E2 in Chicago this weekend, from 4/25-27. You can find me at Table U17 in Artist Alley. Swing by and say hey!


We had a health scare with Chuck on Sunday and I don’t think I’d ever been so terrified in my entire life. Luckily, he had just gotten a swollen paw and he didn’t know how to react to it and got really wimpy.
He’s my best bub. Always making sure I’m safe.

#wcw: Stephanie Brown. Great to have you back, Gotham’s smiling ray of hope. 😍💜


Wondertwin powers… SCRAPBOOK!


get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite relationships

Dick Grayson & Barbara Gordon; "Tell Babs it was ALWAYS her, above ANY of them."


The Muppets + breaking the fourth wall


Many, maaany hours of gluing and threading and painting, repainting and a tiny bit of playtesting (because playtesting) later, and Maddy’s supersecret Easter present is just about done :) she’ll find it in the playroom tomorrow, along with her sleeping father if I don’t crawl to bed immediately.



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